The estate is located in the west of Coimbra, on a hillside of dense vegetation with large trees. The main house, built in the 90’s, faces south, in a set of fragmented volumes with sloped roofs.
Next to the pool, an annex was later built for the technical area, outdoor kitchen and kennel, a program that covered and extensive area of soil. The clients wanted to re-think this area and incorporate a small guesthouse.
The proposal sought to re-naturalize the soil, favoring the blend of the guesthouse with vegetation that, in the future, will provide greater privacy to both houses. The different micro-volumes that compose the guesthouse are merged in a continous interior space, promoting different connections with the surroundings. The simplicity of the design is also reflected in the chosen materials - pine wood, concrete and lime.

Status: Built
Gross Area: 60 m2
Type: Housing
Client: Private 
Team: Ana Galrão, Filipe S. Ferreira, José A. Rocha, Miguel Negrão, Rafaella Pudda (arriba)
Engineering: CoolHaven
Photography: Hugo Santos Silva