This apartment occupies the top floor of a 60’s building in Campo Grande, Lisbon.
The compartments had harmonious proportions and were well lit, so the main challenges were to re-organize the program, establishing a connection with the attic that was vacant at the time, and provide the technical facilities of a contemporary home.
The kitchen occupies the southern limit of the flat, with views over the park. The master suite, to the north, occupies the entire width of the building, allowing the perception of the façade scale from the interior.
The vertical distribution is made from the center of the house, an area covered in dark wood, which provides comfort upon arrival. The attic receives two new bedrooms and a terrace overlooking the park.
The palette of materials is reduced and sober: mostly wood varnished or painted in white and estremoz marble.

Status: Built
Gross Area: 235m2
Type: Renovation
Client: Private 
Engineering: Inline
Photography: Hugo Santos Silva