The family wanted a home that allowed for a more spontaneous use, where reading a book in the studio, cooking for friends or listening to a record in the living room, could be done with an open spatial connection.
We removed the doors and connected the kitchen with the living room and studio, bringing more light into the apartment. The bedrooms and toilets went through slight adjustments in the entrances and fixed furniture. The social space has incorporated the entrance hall without exposing it, inducing a wider spatial amplitude.
The element of formal, material and chromatic exception is also the organizing element of the spaces around it - the “blue gallery” comprises the whole program of support to its adjacent rooms: a cabinet for the entrance, a laundry space, a coffee machine for the living room, a fridge for the dining area and a pantry for the kitchen.
This almost bizarre element, which disrupts the simplicity of the existing materials, seeks to be the spatial reference of the house, where inevitably the kids end up playing.

Status: Built
Gross Area: 120 m2
Type: Renovation
Team: Filipe S. Ferreira, José A. Rocha (arriba)
Client: Private
Photography: Hugo Santos Silva