After exploring the apartment to be renovated, we reckoned that the distribution and proportions of the interior spaces were balanced, with the exception of the core, which was too subdivided and enclosed, strangling the circulation and blocking the visual connection between the various spaces.
The proposal maintains the original distribution of the apartment and removes the small pantry, creating a room where all the spaces converge, endowed with the extra storage demanded by the clients. The kitchen was redesigned to simplify its use and the coatings and built-in furniture were redesigned, keeping the traditional wooden floor and doors. The intervention is a unique gesture of transformation in the core of the apartment and we characterized this space with a heavy colored atmosphere, as a moment of anticipation of what will arise, setting its new identity.

Status: Built
Gross Area: 75 m2
Type: Renovation
Client: Private
Team: Filipe S. Ferreira, José A. Rocha (arriba)
Photography: Ricardo O. Alves